Longeron is looking for a business to acquire and operate in the Greater Seattle Area with a focus on creating long-term value for customers, employees and the community.


Longeron's business search is geared towards owners who want to sell and move on, confident that the business and professional reputation they built is in safe hands. 


A longeron (lon•ge•ron) is the structural backbone of an airplane much as sound management is the mainstay of an enduring business.

Message to Owners


Selling a business you have invested a large portion of your life in is a big decision. Most owners I meet have spent years, perhaps decades building their business. Nobody knows how to run your business better than you do and it is right to be concerned about who you are selling to.


If you decide to sell your business to me it makes sense for us to work together so that I can learn from you and get up to speed quickly. My primary focus is on a smooth transition and maintaining stable operations. Traditional investment firms often do more harm than good when they try to rebuild a business from the ground up. I approach change from the standpoint that 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it.‘

I believe it is important for an owner to live where their business is located, because running a business is a 24x7 commitment. My family loves the Greater Seattle Area; from hiking and skiing in the Cascades to sailing in the sound. We will move anywhere in the region so that I can be a full time business owner. 

Business owners often ask me why I want to buy a business. Working for big business was an amazing experience and I learned a lot about operations, strategy and leadership. Over time, however, I have come to realize that I would gladly work twice as hard for half the pay if it means I can work for myself.

I am very flexible as to what the business I buy does because for me the people involved are the most important factor. And unlike many investors and business brokers I don't believe a "perfect" business exists. If you have one, I would advise you never to sell it!



Lawrence prior to flight testing ... working on products with more than 4 million parts which operates at 8 miles-per-minute helped prepare for complex and fast paced business environments.


Investment Criteria

A good business is a profitable business that has endured through tough times.  Most investors write a long and complicated list of criteria for each of their investments. I only have three:

1. 100% of the business is for sale

2. The business has been profitable for the last three years

3. Annual revenue or sales are somewhere between $3m and $20m

The Longeron Team


Lawrence Litchfield founded Longeron and is focused on acquiring one small to medium-size business in the Greater Seattle Area, assuming responsibility for day-to-day operations and creating long term value. The desire to manage and grow a successful business can be traced to his grandfather who owned and operated a manufacturing company and instilled a strong entrepreneurial drive since childhood.


Lawrence has a background in engineering and operations at Boeing where he was a manufacturing supervisor. He joined Boeing in 2007 and became a lead design engineer before transitioning to management. Lawrence left Boeing in 2014 to pursue an MBA at Harvard Business School and was a consultant for CSP Associates before founding Longeron.


Lawrence's bio is available for secure download here.

Email: lawrence@longeronllc.com
Tel: 253.237.4871  

Advisory Council

Longeron’s Advisory Council includes a number successful entrepreneurs, investors and business leaders who bring decades of experience acquiring and actively managing small and medium-sized businesses across many industries.


Capital Partners

Longeron is fully capitalized in partnership with a handful of high net worth individuals whose investment horizons align with Longeron's long-term approach. Longeron has full discretion over committed capital and can move quickly to consummate a transaction.